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Sherburne County ARES/RACES

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Updated:Friday March 16, 2012


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Amateur Band

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Primary Purpose

HH-Alpha 3.5480 CW Statewide CW
HH-Bravo 7.0570 CW Statewide CW
HH-Charlie 14.0720 CW Statewide CW
HH-Delta 3.8450 SSTV/FAX Statewide SSTV/Fax
HH-Echo 7.1710 SSTV/FAX Statewide SSTV/Fax
HH-Foxtrot 3.8830 LSB Statewide Phone
HH-Golf 3.9370 LSB Statewide Phone
HH-Hotel 7.2830 LSB Statewide Phone
HH-India 7.2230 LSB Statewide Phone
HH-Juliet 14.2720 USB Statewide Phone
HH-Kilo 14.2370 USB Statewide Phone
Minnesota Section Phone 3.8600 LSB Weekly Section Net
Minnesota Section CW 3.5680 CW Section CW Net
10th Region Phone 7.2750 LSB Regional Phone Net


Office of the Emergency Coordinator
Daniel L. Shartle, N0JHU


As a volunteer organization, Sherburne County ARES welcomes any suggestions you might have to help us serve you better.

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