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Updated: Saturday December 06, 2008


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First-You can not be of any help to anyone if you are not well prepared and in reasonable health. Be sure that you have all that you will need to sustain yourself (food, water, medicine, etc.) so others will not have to take care of you.

Second- You need to have your equipment ready ahead of time and in a specific location. If you have an item that you need, and it is located elsewhere, place a note (easily seen) on the outside of your duty kit so you, or someone else, can go retrieve it. Keep an inventory inside the container as well.

Third- Consider the type of containers you are using for your supplies. Can you carry them? Can you put wheels on them? Are they waterproof or water resistant? Are they clearly marked? Can you sit on it when it is empty?. Can you mount the equipment into, or on it? Would your antenna fit inside a large PVC Pipe with removable end caps? Do you have light to see at night? Can you provide battery power to others while not disabling your set-up? How do you plan to recharge your batteries? Did you hide some of your favorite candy, gum, healthbar, snack,etc. inside one of your duty kits in addition to your food supply? Do you have a plastic tarp to cover you and the equipment? Is your equipment and supplies marked with your name?


Duty Kit Types


Duty Kit 1 Duty Kit 1:  Basic Essentials
All ARES personnel should have a kit similar to this pre-packed and ready to go. The contents of this kit will enable the member to provide their own basic subsistence for a period up to about 48 hours - in an emergency.

Duty Kit 2A Duty Kit 2A:  VHF/UHF Radio Equipment
Emergency Local Communications is what this kit is all about. Able to be placed in the trunk of your car or under the back seat of your truck, this kit may be the one thing that will save your life if your battery goes dead in a snow storm. It contains everything you will need to hit the local repeater and summon help. In the case of a disaster, this kit combined with Duty Kit 1 can provide emergency communications for quite a while.

Duty Kit 2B Duty Kit 2B:  HF Radio Equipment
This Duty Kit is designed to enable sustained long range communications. The contents of this kit will enable you to power up and maintain reliable communications on just about any HF radio made. When combined with Duty Kits 1 and 2A, you should be prepared for just about any communications emergency that may arise. (for the first 24 - 48 hours)

Duty Kit 3 Duty Kit 3:  Extended Support
If you are expecting to be deployed for a period of 72 hours or more, this Duty Kit is a good starting point. It's contents will ensure that you have the basic necessities on hand with you. Ideally, if you were to have Duty Kits 1, 2A, 2B and 3 on hand, you would have no problem living and operating for a minimum of 72 hours anywhere within our county.

Contact the Emergency Coordinator's Office via email

Office of the Emergency Coordinator
Daniel L. Shartle, N0JHU
22985 147th Street NW, Elk River, MN  55330
tel: (763) 441-6430


As a volunteer organization, Sherburne County ARES welcomes any suggestions you might have to help us serve you better.

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