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Updated:Saturday May 05, 2012


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Situation Briefing

Situation Briefing

In Sherburne County, the formal SKYWARN Net is considered an "Emergency RACES Net". The Net Control Operator will direct all traffic during the Net. Stations should not break into the Net, unless severe conditions exist.
A station may request, or be requested to relay severe weather information to the Net that he/she has received via other means.

The Net Controller may repeat information back to a station in order to ensure correctness of location and event. All stations should use their experience and knowledge of severe weather activity to report such information.

The NCS will activate the SKYWARN Net with the following announcement:

  All stations, all stations.  This is (call-sign) your Net Control Station for Sherburne County SKYWARN.  The National Weather Service in Chanhassen has issued a (report name) for Sherburne County and a SKYWARN Net is hereby activated.  This repeater is now closed to all but SKYWARN and EMERGENCY traffic, for the duration of the Net.”

The Net Controller should read the exact description of the type of product. (Not the entire bulletin, but the information usually contained in the first paragraph or two).  The Net Controller should then identify the affected areas and the time of the bulletin’s expiration.  The Net Controller will then request check-ins to the Net using the ICS-211P form.

It may be necessary for the NCS to repeat the announcement and specific information, should the SKYWARN Net last longer than an hour or so.

All stations will check into the Net with the following information:

     1.  Call sign
     2.  SKYWARN Spotter ID number
     3.  Current location (nearest major intersection)
     4.  Type of station (mobile or stationary)
     5.  Current observed weather conditions.

Once check-ins have been completed, the NCS will direct the Net as to any further action required.



As a volunteer organization, Sherburne County SKYWARN welcomes any suggestions you might have to help us serve you better.

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